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PBS series Craft in America features Eugene Burks, Jr., Horse Tack Specialist with the Caisson Platoon, Fort Myer, Virginia

2019 Veterans Day post for Horses for Hu

Salute For Humanity, AHA Region 10's project made the trip to Tulsa for the 2019 Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship show. Gallery Equus artists, Deneena Hughes, Tracie Thompson, Jerusha Steinert and Nanci Fulmek have created a stunning work of art!

Click here for more from Salute in Tulsa.


You were the machine…

Powerful and strong,

Moving in a storm

Of order and chaos, bravery and fear…

Fueled by honor,

Saluted as the brave ones.


Courage looks different now…

And strength must be borrowed

Where it cannot be found.

Amid all the things

That were taken with rough hands,

Here find peace spoken to all your broken pieces...

The warm breath of hope

Telling you it is safe to feel again,

That yours is a soul worth fighting for.

Here find light that pushes back the looming darkness…

Reminding you beauty still exists,

Calling you to live again.

Here find quiet strength that humbly shares your burden…

Graciously bowing its head

To salute the courage it takes to heal.

Salute-DeNeena Hughes

More About Arabian Horses For Humanity


The project was created to bring a life size artistic rendition of the world’s oldest breed of horse to communities around the world. Arabian Horses for Humanity aims to bring together members of the Arabian horse industry with local businesses, charities, and artists through a shared appreciation of the living art the Arabian horse represents.

Meet the Artists

Each of the Arabian Horses for Humanity is a unique work of art representing the artists vision as it relates to the cause the horse represents. Visit the Artists page to see each horse and discover the many ways in which each artist has fulfilled the vision of the project!


If you are a fundraiser looking for a unique way to raise money for your charity Arabian Horses for Humanity is the perfect opportunity for you. There will be Corporate & Naming Rights Sponsors for each Arabian Horse statue who has already purchased the statue and the materials needed to decorate it for the artist. If they haven’t selected the artist you can participate in that selection process. 

Becky Nash,  Chairman 713-302-8284 email

Lisa Blackstone,  770-314-9089


Mary Trowbridge,  860-488-7074 email